Mr. Pak Man



“You don’t have to say everything to be a light. Sometimes a fire built on a hill will bring interested people to your campfire.”
― Shannon L. Alder

His name is Abadu R. but to the world – especially in Gili Meno – he is known as Mr. Pak Man!
I am sure if you’re in Bali, you most definitely hop on one of the ferry’s and visit Gili Trawangan and Gili Air. But of course, you can only find the delicious Warung Pak Man right smack in the middle of both Gili Islands and it’s an island people tend to miss out on. I spend few days in Gili Meno and I thank my good Irish friend Damien for suggesting the place for our dinner. Being to me, one of the best places to get a taste of good local food; I am even more grateful to have met such a kind and inspiring soul.

Yes. Mr. Pak Man, is not only an amazing cook – cheffing it up in the kitchen all day making delicious meals like Gado-gado and my new favorite Urap-urap.


He is a retired Architecture from Jawa, Kudus, who along with his wife Sili Buati – have been living for six years in the beautiful Gili Islands of Lombok, Indonesia.

He has lived in many other countries like Japan, China, Belgium, where he studied Arquitecture. Worked in places around Indonesia like Jakarta and Bali. He also studied the many styles of Tai Chi. When I spoke to him about my chronic pain do to Fibromyalgia – he immediately spoke to me about the health benefits of Tai Chi and offered me a healing massage.

Pak Man is such a kind and genuine soul with a beautiful smile.  It was my second time visiting him. I was in a hurry to catch the next ferry back to Bali, but he insisted I’d give him ten minutes before I left so he could work his Tai Chi magic. And he really did. This massage is no joke, and it’s not relaxing at all due to all the electrical sensations you feel – but I felt his hands working parts of my body that I’ve never experience before,  by only massaging my legs, feet and arms. Now I feel like I have, yet again enhanced a deeper awareness of my body.

So, there you go. Now, apart from craving Warung Pak Man, I now have another reason to go back to Gili Meno. I must visit my doctor! [smile]


Thank You Mr. Pak Man for allowing me to share a piece of you to the world. You are a face and a place I will never forget. Thank You.


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