Light green, wavy hair – tight in a ponytail – reveals a handsome, gloomy face.  -Tito.Van

My good friend from Bali, Indonesia – Tito Van, is one of the most creative and talented humans I’ve crossed paths with.  A person who inspires me with his ideas and a friend I recently had the privileged to collaborate with on a photo-shoot called The Poet Girl along with an inspirational video directed to the women of the world titled  Que Bella Eres Mujer.

Tito was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia – and like most artist, with just a few bucks in his pocket, he packed his bags full of dreams and moved to the dreamy island I love to call BaliWood to find inspiration by the waters and build his empire.

We met at a festival in La Laguna , voguing and grooving on the grass dance floor.  He was there as Press taking photos of the event. Tito began his freelance career as a food and event photographer in Bali. Being that he is such a dope and creative soul –  he spends a lot of his time capturing the beauty of foreign models all over the island of Bali, filming short inspirational videos by also incorporating lyrics of his favorite music or adding his personal poetic voice.

I love Tito Van’s photography. His muse is to capture the essence and beauty of a woman. From my perspective, his work is driven by the web of love, the stickiness of it.  What hold’s us in tight, captures and releases us, and throws us back in-to the euphoria that crawls through our skin and makes us itch for more.

When I asked him about the kind of photos he doesn’t enjoy to capture, he responded: “People who model too much. Too much sexy. I prefer the ‘Oops! I’m sexy’ moments.

If you are ever in Bali or Jakarta and wish to collaborate with one of the creative locals  in the art media industry – remember my dear friend Tito Van . You won’t regret it! 🙂



To my friend Tito,

I am grateful to have met you. Thank you for being part of the masterpiece we call art. I wanted the world to know you, through my eyes and our beautiful encounter.

Thank You. Terima Kasih ♥












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