¡Arriba Cataluña y Puerto Rico !

Any day walking in the beautiful streets of Barcelona, like me, you may find yourself in the middle of a revolution, of Catalanes marching for independence. The fight for independence between Catalan nationalism and the Spanish state, like they say, “are like an encounter between an unstoppable force and an immovable object.” Read: A Brief History of Catalan Nationalism.

Spending some time in Barcelona and in Europe, I’ve met many Catalanes and have made some friends. I believe their strongest and most powerful argument is that they have their own language, parliament, flag and anthem. That’s beautiful.

I really enjoy walking the streets of Barcelona because to some level, I feel like I am walking the streets of my island Puerto Rico. Cataluña flag and the Puerto Rican flag are very much alike, one of the differences being that their flag has yellow stripes and ours is white. But really, my country Puerto Rico is also in a huge crisis with the United States, a country that is suppose to be our right hand, yet lately, I’ve been feeling like we are the immovable object.

So what is next? Puerto Rico needs a revolution, not for independence but for greater matters. If the United States preaches to be our brothers – then we need to go over some laws, starting with the abolishment of The Jones Act. Yup! I said it.


Imagine going to the grocery store and seeing all of our vegetables and food being sold in Supermecado Amigos as “Product of USA” Hahaha! We need to end this. Now.

¡Well then, arriba Cataluña y arriba Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico & Cataluña

Love Always,

Shirley Roots

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