Ariel and Our Girl Power Rights

Disney Legends Jodi Benson, Alen Menken Discuss the Making of “Part of Your World

21st century. Circa 2019.

I wish I was as innocent as Ariel, but I’m thirty years old, and it’s 2019. I’m not sure where this article is going, but The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie and every day is Women’s Day!

This really is more than just a movie. It’s part of our world. And we’ve forgotten about it. Haven’t you? But fans everywhere are celebrating the fact that Ariel’s been part of our world for 30 years. You must watch the amazing anniversary video! Very inspiring.

I’d say we’ve changed. A lot. Society is what shapes us. But I’d still pay anything to share Ariel’s dreams and be warm on the sand or high in the mountains. Unfortunately as a Puerto Rican American, it just got harder again to visit our brothers in the Caribe because the Trump administration decided to impose new restrictions on Americans going to Cuba. Great. America.

You’d think on land they’d understand not to reprimand our daughters… and that’s the thing, they don’t understand. That is why the first gathering devoted to women’s rights in the United States began in the summer of 1848, even though our fight began in 1769 when the colonies adapted the English system decreeing women cannot own property in their own name or keep their own earnings. Imagine that! One of my very best friend bought her first house when she was only 23 years old. #girlpower

Imagine if Ariel wasn’t allowed to keep her gadgets and gizmos or her twenty thingamabobs! But that only reminds us that we need to take care of the sea because our fishes are dying! Just recently in 2013, the ban against women in military combat positions was removed. Yes! Today, we are still fighting to have the right to own our body, to have reproductive rights and justice. Which is why we shout Every Day Is Women’s Day!

Ariel teaches us that we are ‘bright young woman’, we get ‘sick o’ swimming’ and we should be ‘ready to stand’!

What would I give
If I could live
Outta these waters?
What would I pay
To spend a day
Warm on the sand?
Betcha on land
They understand
Bet they don’t reprimand their daughters
Bright young women
Sick o’ swimmin’
Ready to stand

We Want More! Rights.

Photo of Shirley Roots taken by Ed Schipul.

The Little Mermaid and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary. And I love how this magical Disney movie has been forever in my heart and has recently made a big impact in my life again. My ex – husband and I separated when I was twenty seven years old, but I remember my 27th birthday, how could I forget? I remember the moment I blew out the candles of my beautiful Little Mermaid cake, closing my eyes and believing I was Ariel and said ‘when’s it my turn?’ I’m ready.

I don’t know how, but the tragedy turned out into something wonderful. The minute my ex walked out of our marriage, I bought a one way ticket across the world. Like Ariel, I wanted to be where the people are, I wanted to see, to use my feet . I wanted to jump and dance and stroll along down the streets in different parts of the world. I wanted to grow again and feel the beauty of life paint my face. And I did it! I still am. And I don’t know how to stop! I’m in love with the globe. Oh, thank you Ariel! 🙂

Ariel taught me that “Flippin’ your fins you don’t get too far”. and it’s true. In this world, in our world, talking about the things we want to do is not enough. We have to move and put our dreams into action to find our way to our complete personal happiness. We gotta really want it in order to move our hands and feet towards our dreams. I’d say, yah! I’m so done with the dreaming part, this is the year I began to take action and will continue to do so in the years to come.

I am grateful to the women who got tired of talking about women’s rights and began the fight towards equality . There are so many of us out there today, we are not alone! And we are unstoppable. Girl Power!

Yours Truly,

Shirley Roots

Swim little humans! Swim.

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